Meet Rochelle Gordon

ERA is inspired by the relationship between three sisters, Erin, Rochelle, and Alison, who instilled within each other the passion for excitement, sisterhood and uniqueness. Each piece is influenced by the sisters unique character combining timeless elegance with romantic and masculine mixture.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Rochelle is the youngest of three girls, who learned everything about fashion, relationships, and adventure with the help of her sisters. Coming from a multi-cultured family, a Filipino mother and a father with Russian roots, the three sisters always had a great appreciation for culture, history, and travels. With a strong foundation, each sister blossomed into an incredible woman in their own way. 

While Erin and Alison followed suit in the medical field like their parents, Rochelle took the creative route to start a jewelry collection based on the amazing bond between family.

In 2014, Rochelle debuted a fine jewelry collection specializing in the use of 14K yellow, rose, and white gold while incorporating diamonds and special shaped sapphires and tourmalines. Each piece undergoes a methodical process from concept to fruition, which Rochelle oversees to ensure each piece is crafted perfectly. 

Since debuting the fine collection, ERA has caught the attention of Marie Claire Magazine, Who What Wear and celebrities including Amber Heard, Johnny Depp, & Christina Aguilera.